alan crocetti rush ss23 jewelry is out now

“Hundreds of millions in a race & you won first place” – Alan Crocetti

Rush challenges the narrative of the romantic conquest, where the demure egg inertly waits for the fastest & strongest sperm to heroically conquer the most significant race of it’s lifetime. Through speed and endurance, conception is a dance. A dance that leads to the perfect match.

As such, life is the result of this quintessential connection. Worthy of love, appreciation, admiration & respect for being uniquely us ... Whole with our distinct tastes, fantasies, dreams, freedoms, fears, desires. ... To each their own ... Disentangled from judgements, stereotypes, assumptions, essentialist and normative creeds.

photographer @gorkapostigo
creative direction @alancrocetti
styling @nonovazquez
Make up @helenevasnier
Hair @josephinebrignon
model @toshadreamcatcher
set-design @reebeccailse
casting @conancasting
production @wagmbh
post-production @inkretouch
press @lucienpagescommunication

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