Alan Crocetti has reunited with Alexandre Mattiussi for their second exclusive collaboration, an artistic reinterpretation of the symbol of the heart.

French luxury label AMI offers comprehensive and stylish wardrobes for all genders and blurs the boundaries between casual and chic. Created in and inspired by Paris, the city in which Alan now calls home.

Alan Crocetti first partnered with Alexandre Mattiussi for Fall/Winter 2022 in which inspiration was conceptualized around the symbolic theme of the heart emphasising their statement red throughout the collection.

This time, inspiration has still been drawn from the reinterpretation of the heart but entwined with Crocetti’s brand message; Love your vessel. Find your armour.

 “For our second Ami collaboration I decided to emphasise the true meaning of the two-directional hearts. Both Ami and Alan Crocetti share the same ethos. One that embraces the meaning of Love. In jewelry, it is said that when you wear a ring with its front towards you it means you wear it for yourself, worn the opposite way is to show it to someone else. In the Ami x Alan Crocetti jewelry collection, you have the hearts facing both ways, conveying the idea that you’ve got to love yourself the same way you project and give love others.” Alan Crocetti

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